Three Seeds that Keep Business Thriving

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If you want to watch your business grow, you’ll want to know these factors from the inside out.

Pay intention: Any business, project, or endeavor requires a certain umph to initiate; a special push that moves it forward into the world. Force alone can create movement, but a sustainable, flourishing business requires strong intention. Intention is the empowering element that activates—and empowers—the effort. It is the fertilizer on an otherwise inert seed. It is also the gravitational pull that holds you to your goals. To sharpen your intention, maintain a clearly defined vision plan and mission statement. What is the purpose of your work?  Who benefits, and how? And, perhaps most importantly, why?

Meet real needs: When you’re providing a genuine product or service that truly meets the needs of the marketplace, there is an inherent value in your work. The value is tangible, palpable. This means you don’t have the headache of needing to “sell” anything; rather, you simply offer. You believe in and cherish your work, because you can see the positive effect that it has. This creates an exchange that feels good and natural for both parties. Word spreads, reach expands, and customer retention becomes practically automatic. It makes business a pleasure; self-perpetuating and self-rewarding.

Go to market: It today’s fast-paced, technologically-oriented marketplace, many common methods of advertisement are no longer relevant. People have developed immunity to the endless print ads and commercials that pop into their field of vision and vie for their attention. Instead, people now do their browsing online, noticing only what they are already looking for. A successful business knows how to strategically position itself in their line of sight. Central to this strategy are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Integration, and these are entire industries in themselves! So nowadays, instead of paying for advertising, smart business hire marketing consultants—experts who know how to leverage the modern tools that really work. Let the industry professionals at Brighter Copywriter support your campaign, so you can grow your business without spreading yourself thin!


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