Hummingbird: What’s the Buzz?

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Marketing has evolved. And in a land of free competition, your strategies must evolve too.

Hummingbird is the pet name for Google’s latest algorithm, the secret formula that produces answers to queries. It used to be based on simple keyword combinations like “Encinitas yoga” entered manually into a search box on a computer. Now it’s based on comprehensive questions like “What is the best yoga studio in Encinitas?” spoken verbally into a mobile device.

Aside from good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth (which will never be replaced as #1 Marketing Tool on Earth), search engine ranking is key.

Question: So how do you work your way to the top?

Answer: With top-quality, highly original, and deeply relevant content posted regularly to your website, blog, and social media accounts.

This means that if you’re like most businesses, you have a critical new job opening.  Specifically, for a marketing writer.

Brighter Copywriter can fill the position at a fraction of the cost. Plus, there’s no hassle whatsoever on your end. No hunting through the muck for talented individuals with integrity. No complicated paperwork to file. And if you already have crafty wordsmiths at your disposal, we’ll mentor them for free. Check us out!

Here comes 2014. Be in position to drive targeted traffic through your wide open—and extremely likeable—doors.


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      Impressive, Gina!! You obviously are extremely talented. We are very proud of you!


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    Your experience in the post shows through your writing. Great post.


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