How to Get Friendly with Social Media

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Social-Media-Marketing-300x225When it comes to marketing, nothing is more powerful than word of mouth. And nowadays, with social media networking sites at the foreground of communication, word of mouth has never been louder, or faster! A recent study shows that 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends on social networks. With a well-developed social media marketing strategy, taking your message to the masses is easier than ever. Yet with millions of businesses online, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Effective social media networking is an art form that, when mastered, brings product awareness, customer loyalty, and business growth. It offers unlimited free advertising while providing a potent platform to educate, engage, empower, and enroll the community in positive action.

Here are some points to keep in mind when considering your approach with social giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

  • Social media networking should be a company-wide job. When everyone on your team is involved, you increase your communication range exponentially. Encourage comments, questions, feedback, and picture sharing.
  • Find out what customers think about your products and services. This will help forge the path of your social landscaping, providing hints at how you can best attract attention. Listen to the buzz. Address specific needs.
  • Choose your words with care, as you’re making a constant impression. Keep a healthy balance between casual and professional. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation inspire confidence —as does a consistent positive attitude!
  • Understand that products and services alone will not help the growth of your business with social media. People respond to personality, interaction, and eye-catching graphics. It’s just as important to build and maintain a community atmosphere online as it is onsite.
  • Enjoy the expert help and guidance of Brighter Copywriter. We’ll manage your campaign for you, providing remarkable weekly posts and removing the guesswork so that you can simply sit back and savor the results!

Going social makes business more personal.

Three Seeds that Keep Business Thriving

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If you want to watch your business grow, you’ll want to know these factors from the inside out.

Pay intention: Any business, project, or endeavor requires a certain umph to initiate; a special push that moves it forward into the world. Force alone can create movement, but a sustainable, flourishing business requires strong intention. Intention is the empowering element that activates—and empowers—the effort. It is the fertilizer on an otherwise inert seed. It is also the gravitational pull that holds you to your goals. To sharpen your intention, maintain a clearly defined vision plan and mission statement. What is the purpose of your work?  Who benefits, and how? And, perhaps most importantly, why?

Meet real needs: When you’re providing a genuine product or service that truly meets the needs of the marketplace, there is an inherent value in your work. The value is tangible, palpable. This means you don’t have the headache of needing to “sell” anything; rather, you simply offer. You believe in and cherish your work, because you can see the positive effect that it has. This creates an exchange that feels good and natural for both parties. Word spreads, reach expands, and customer retention becomes practically automatic. It makes business a pleasure; self-perpetuating and self-rewarding.

Go to market: It today’s fast-paced, technologically-oriented marketplace, many common methods of advertisement are no longer relevant. People have developed immunity to the endless print ads and commercials that pop into their field of vision and vie for their attention. Instead, people now do their browsing online, noticing only what they are already looking for. A successful business knows how to strategically position itself in their line of sight. Central to this strategy are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Integration, and these are entire industries in themselves! So nowadays, instead of paying for advertising, smart business hire marketing consultants—experts who know how to leverage the modern tools that really work. Let the industry professionals at Brighter Copywriter support your campaign, so you can grow your business without spreading yourself thin!

Sister Speak, We Listen: “Rise Up For Love” Album Release!

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March 21st 2014- The first day of spring marks the release of Sister Speak’s new album, “Rise Up For Love.” With two Grammy Award-winning engineers on board—producer/mixer Alan Sanderson (Fiona Apple, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John) and mastering engineer Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys)—the entire project was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and album pre-sales!

With the people behind them, this rootsy alternative folk-rock band is ready for lift-off. Having toured nationally (over 100 shows a year), Sister Speak was nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ at the San Diego Music Awards. The CD release party at San Diego’s World Beat Center also features performances by Todo Mundo and Groove Session, both explosive acts in their own right.

Watch the “Making of the Album” (

digital cover FINAL

Hand Drawn by Steve Chmilar, Toronto, ON

Rise Up For Love” represents a major milestone in a journey that has taken lead singer/songwriter Sherri-Anne though some harrowing internal territory. In fact, much of the album was written while Sherri-Anne lay recovering from a broken pelvis. She knew the music was part of her healing, and wrote with the hope that it would be healing for others, too.

“Life writes the songs. It’s when I let myself be vulnerable that I can share the deepest parts of me.” Sherri-Anne’s intentions seem to empower her with a glow of pure emotion, and the ability to share that light with others. One thing is certain; the album refuses to define itself to any particular genre or style. Sherri-Anne blazes her own creative trail. With powerful sensitivity and strength in raw, unfiltered expression, the music strikes a unique and grounding chord in the body.

sister speak

Photo by Leah Lipson

Sharing the journey with Sherri-Anne is dear friend and dynamic drummer Lisa Viegas. As the core duo, they collaborate with a variety of other musicians. Two in particular, Tolan and Cubby, have fused themselves into the basic formation (this is further illustrated by the fact that members of this fabulous foursome serendipitously show up in the same clothes on a regular basis).

When award-winning songwriter, lead guitarist, and vocal harmonist Tolan Shaw joined the band in 2012, he had the same guitar as Sherri-Anne. And people say that when they sing together, their voices are like a warm blanket.

When bassist Jacob “Cubby” Miranda came aboard in the summer of 2013, he dropped right into the groove and took the rest of the group with him—gluing the sound together and allowing Lisa to really get wild on the drums.

“There’s a state of open, vulnerable connection and confident humility that I feel when we play together. The band is in a vortex. There is a conversation happening,” says Lisa.

Tolan and Cubby have no problem, as men, conversing in a band called Sister Speak. Together with Lisa and Sherri-Anne, the dialogue expands to include a diverse, quickly growing audience. They each work tirelessly to do all the big and small tasks an independent album launch requires, while continuing to develop as musical beings.

Taking to The World Beat Stage on the 21st,Sister Speak celebrates the richness along the way. They truly couldn’t have done it without their fans. “We believe in the music, but to see others believing in it too—enough to fund it with money or support it with trades, food, so many ways—it took all of us!” This, of course, affirms one of the band’s core values: that creative collaboration will save the world.


About the author: Gina Tang is a marketing writer at Brighter Copywriter. If you are doing something awesome, she can help.


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Want to get an edge in the online marketplace? The first piece of social media real estate to develop is your blog. Post at least once a week, and you’ll increase traffic tremendously!

“But I’m not a writer!” or, “I have no idea what to write about!” Keep in mind that blogs are not essays; the more visuals (pictures, videos, lists) the better. Thus, the tedious treadmill of creative composition many of us learned to loathe in school is a non-factor.

Blog-able topics are infinite; you can wander as far from the box or beaten trail as you care to roam. The key is that you add value for your readers. Inform them, inspire them, amuse them, uplift them. Organize information into categories so people can easily find what they’re interested in. People are busy and usually limit browsing to compelling content only—so you want to have a blog that’s well-written, highly original, and fun to read. This is a great opportunity to give your brand a heaping scoop of personality!

If you’re just getting started, three popular blogging sites are WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. Feel around and see which platform suits your style. Then create a laundry list of possible posts, and plan several months in advance. You’ll find that ideas for posts come more easily when you don’t have a cloud of pressurized procrastination looming overhead.

A good blog takes time, effort, and creativity. Brighter Copywriter supports you from top to bottom: from complete campaign design and management to the occasional proofreading.



– Improves SEO

– Increases website traffic

– Expands brand awareness

– Establishes thought leadership

– Supports media attention

– Improves writing skills

– Motivates content creation

– Builds credibility

– Enhances creativity

– Amplifies social media campaigns

– Extends E-mail marketing reach

– Allows for customization

Hummingbird: What’s the Buzz?

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Marketing has evolved. And in a land of free competition, your strategies must evolve too.

Hummingbird is the pet name for Google’s latest algorithm, the secret formula that produces answers to queries. It used to be based on simple keyword combinations like “Encinitas yoga” entered manually into a search box on a computer. Now it’s based on comprehensive questions like “What is the best yoga studio in Encinitas?” spoken verbally into a mobile device.

Aside from good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth (which will never be replaced as #1 Marketing Tool on Earth), search engine ranking is key.

Question: So how do you work your way to the top?

Answer: With top-quality, highly original, and deeply relevant content posted regularly to your website, blog, and social media accounts.

This means that if you’re like most businesses, you have a critical new job opening.  Specifically, for a marketing writer.

Brighter Copywriter can fill the position at a fraction of the cost. Plus, there’s no hassle whatsoever on your end. No hunting through the muck for talented individuals with integrity. No complicated paperwork to file. And if you already have crafty wordsmiths at your disposal, we’ll mentor them for free. Check us out!

Here comes 2014. Be in position to drive targeted traffic through your wide open—and extremely likeable—doors.


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