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Brighter Copywriter is dedicated to supporting sustainable enterprise. This means holistic fitness and healthcare, green energy, activism, and the arts.

One of our favorite projects is The Soular Power System, a production and publication agency focused on the amplification of the radiant human spirit!

The Soular Power Manifesto

Soular Power is the essence of who you are. It is the molten lava at the creative core of your being, and the ultimate renewable resource. The Soular Powered life is filled withnatural joy, energy, inspiration, passion, and amusement.

Many people suffer from Soular Power deficiency. We are immersed in a fossil-fueled culture, conditioned to consume. We are loaded with illusions, fears, judgments, and expectations–convinced of their service. It drains our system. Exhausted by the fumes of our own minds, we reach for non-renewable sources of energy. These include, but are not limited to: a dependency on outside approval, material accumulation, codependent relationships, or instant gratification in the form of sugar, sex, or alcohol. Unfortunately, our culture reinforces these patterns, building industry around them. As a result, we often do not see our way around the smog in our Invironment. And even seeing our way, still we often do not make our way, forging fresh footsteps forward.

3 reasons to GO SOULAR:

  • Because you’re here…making your metaphorical bed.
  • Because who/what/when/where/why/how you are impacts your parents, children,friends, colleagues, neighbors, teachers, students, clients, employers, and all other members of creation.
  • Because you ought to live until you die.
The time has come for a shift in paradigm and perspective. Move from external dependency to self-sustainability. YOU are a little working model of the universe, a microcosm of the macrocosm. This means that YOU, being yourself, generate Soular Power. This means that YOU, doing what you do from the heart, represent our most vital energy resource. There are  infinite tools at your disposal; they are in your hands or at your fingertips, never farther. You can recognize, appreciate, collaborate, communicate, create, serve, and restore. You can achieve your full potential in whatever endeavor you dream of. Set the intention to plug in with your bare hands; transforming consumption to production, one step, one choice, one thought, one word at a time.
(After all, we are all one of a kind!)
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